master's thesis
Analysing the impacts on the consumers choice of fast food restaurants: the country-of-origin effect

Matea Mužić (2016)
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Economics
TitleAnalysing the impacts on the consumers choice of fast food restaurants: the country-of-origin effect
AuthorMatea Mužić
Mentor(s)Jasmina Dlačić (thesis advisor)
Franchises as an organizational form of an entity have been present in the market for a long time now. They offer accelerated success of business due to already standardized quality and reliability. As the world is becoming more and more globalised, the market of international franchises is exploding. The situation is similar in the Croatian market and in the last few years there has been a great influx of international fast food franchises, in form of McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and others. The consumers’ reaction toward increased globalization and internalization, and also their preferences towards different offers of restaurants is the main object of this research. Their choices vary according to their age group, education, income level and preferences. One of the main concerns of this research is consumers’ variety seeking tendency, their desire for unique products ethnocentrism and traditionalism. In order to reach the perfect understanding of Croatian consumers and their tendency for fast food products purchase, there has been executed the qualitative research on their opinion. One of the main concerns of this research was to test the Croatian consumers’ reaction towards foreign products, and whether they perceive domestic products with higher quality.
Committee MembersJasmina Dlačić (committee chairperson)
Ivana First Komen (committee member)
Maja Vujičić (committee member)
GranterUniversity of Rijeka
Faculty of Economics
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineSOCIAL SCIENCES
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Study programmeBusiness Economics; specializations in: Finance and Banking, Entrepreneurship, Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, International Business, IT Business
Study specializationInternational Business
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