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undergraduate thesis
Work organization in DM - drogerie markt d.o.o.

Laura Medanić (2016)
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Economics
TitleWork organization in DM - drogerie markt d.o.o.
AuthorLaura Medanić
Mentor(s)Nenad Vretenar (thesis advisor)
In this paper it is presented how work force organization in general and in company dm-drogerie markt is managed. It is described what are it's main purposes and how it is reflected in motivation of employees through various theories and methods of motivation. The purpose of this final paper is to develop a broad perspective regarding management of the work force in day-to-day operations. Motivation and rewarding are the largest part of human behavior and result in employee satisfaction. In retailing human factor is the most important factor and how the management is treating it's employees directly affects on how employees are treating customares. The objective of work force management should not be to maximize preformance but rather the persuing satisfactory preformance which permits the business to operate without constraints and difficulities with satisfied employees who are not put under the pressure but feel satisfaction from participation in the success of organization. The most desirable company in Croatia in retail branch of business and altogether is dm-drogerie markt according to research conducted by several years in a row.
GranterUniversity of Rijeka
Faculty of Economics
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineSOCIAL SCIENCES
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Study levelundergraduate
Study programmeBusiness economics; specializations in: International Business (held in English)
Study specializationInternational Business (held in English)
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Genreundergraduate thesis
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Parallel keywords (Croatian)organization motivation compensation leadership dm-drogerie markt efficiency Mintzberg Kantor dialogic leadership hierarchy of needs
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